A Change of Plans…

After Miami, I was ready to keep going but the tour shifted to Europe and I just couldn’t see how to do it but a fortuitous phone call with a friend helped to set me straight. She pulled me off the ledge so to speak. I couldn’t see how I was going to tackle all those foreign countries without hitting the lottery (yup, that was actually a plan). My friend suggested that I break things down into smaller bits. Even thought I like to plan every single detail, I might have to play things loose and cobble together each trip on the fly. The thought of having a just a tentative plan for Europe scares the hell out of me, but the talk did get me to start brainstorming the different ways I could save to make the trip happen.

Right now, I still have my consulting research project which pays me pretty well. Maybe I can ramp up my book reading gig. Sacrifice a little tennis watching for more reading? Oh the horror! To give myself added motivation, I bit the bullet and bid on a flight to Europe on Priceline.

I was able to book a direct flight from LA to London from May 24th to July 7th for just $554.59! This means I have the next few weeks to focus on where the heck I’m going to stay and how I’m going to pay for tickets to the tennis. 

I can do this…. I think.

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