Am a Sucker for the Olympics

  • Greg Louganis hits his head in the 1988 Seoul Olympics and comes back to win gold.
  • Battle of the Brians in figure skating 1988 Calgary Olympics with Boitano squeaking out a victory over Orser.
  • Oksana Biaul cuts through the Kerrigan-Harding BS to take Olympic Gold.

I watched all of those moments. I take my Olympics very seriously. Yet, tennis at the Olympics has never really done it for me.

It’s August 3rd, 2012 and I’m the lucky devil to have Centre Court seats at Wimbledon to watch Federer vs Del Potro.

Four hours and 26 minutes later, Federer clinches at least a silver medal for Switzerland and Del Potro is in tears.  *heartbreak*

The Olympics –¬†Faster, Higher, Stronger



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