Better Budget, Better Tennis

Today, I went to Legg Mason to get the lay of the land. While there I happened to mention I had Groupon tickets and the Box Office said I needed to get my seats, Groupon only reserved the seats. Nice to know as I managed to get 1st and 4th row for Fri and Sat, respectively.

I took a look at Gulbis, Stepanek, and Berdych practicing and seriously wanted to get in the action, but I sanely realized I wasn’t excited enough by OOP to blow my budget. Plus why waste cash on the limited field in DC when Toronto is next week with most of the top 20?! So, I settled for getting tickets for Thursday.

I guess I am maturing in my tennis travels. Here’s hoping that being wiser yields some great viewing on Thurs-Sat. Sent on the Sprint┬« Now Network from my BlackBerry┬«


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