Cheering the Swiss in Birmingham

Even from nosebleed seats, seeing live tennis is awesome. The atmosphere at the tennis was amazing. I know folks were worried that Birmingham wouldn’t deliver but as far as I can tell, the crowd was into it and they put on a good show of support for team USA. Of course, I didn’t get into the rah rah USA chanting stuff because that’s just not me but it was great to see so much enthusiasm and love for the boys.

Yesterday, on the way to the tennis I met a lovely couple who runs a challenger in Savannah on the shuttle. We got to talking and they told me that they weren’t planning on going today, so they offered me their lower level ticket for the final day. What a sweet deal! I might have to rethink this whole being frugal with my ticket purchase. Seriously, their single day ticket ($130) was almost the cost of my entire 3-day ticket ($120)!

I’m all for being comfortable and safe but seeing Stan and Roddick that close might just be worth a dodgy hotel stay.

Key take away from this trip?

  • Live tennis is more electrifying than tennis on TV, even at a slam.
  • Stan the Man has some moxie!
  • I gotta keep doing this!

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