Days of tea and tennis

For the past few days, I’ve been watching the Australian Open on tv for hours on end. I have DIRECTV which allows me to watch multiple matches on a range of channels. I wake up, have a cup of tea and camp out in front of the telly; I only take a break to walk the dog, grab a bite to eat and check my email. Even as I thoroughly enjoy watching tennis, I am judging the experience. Wondering if I should spend my time being more productive. I turn this critical voice down as I recall the joy I felt watching the US Open when I lived in New York. As none of my friends were fans, I would buy a grounds pass and stay all day and throughout the evening; without a companion, I didn’t have to compromise and deal with when and if someone else got bored. I met folks from all over the world, chatted about favorite players and just enjoyed being outside.

I loved the sun; it might be the Jamaican girl in me but I needed it.

I didn’t expect to rediscover tennis when I set out to find what I love but for now it’s working for me. I’m excited to get up in the morning and catch a few matches. I’m searching online to learn about the players I’ve just watched and I have even picked up Peter Bodo’s book, Tennis for Dummies!

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