First Day at Roger’s Cup

Feddy is playing tonight, but I don’t have tickets. I guess I love tennis more than the mighty Fed, cause I chose a full day session than his evening. I am even missing Stan who follows Fed. Oh well.

The day has been worth it. I have been watching all the Grandstand matches, so I caught the dodgy Baggy vs Chardy, mercifully Chardy took it in 3. Then Tippy went down with an ankle injury against Kohlschreiber which brought Monfils out on court earlier, a blessing. However, I missed the chance to catch Feli/Ferrer doubles match.

Initial impression of Toronto is that it is as intimate and low key as Montreal. I actually prefer their grandstand seating because fewer seats are reserved for priority ticket holders. You can actually get a front row seat.

Only downside is I am staying pretty far from the tourney and am broke for the next few days. So possibly getting tickets for Thursday instead of tomorrow.

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