IW-Wednesday Order of Play


STADIUM 1 start 12:00 noon
[5] A Radwanska (POL) vs [4] E Dementieva (RUS)

[15] J Isner (USA) vs [3] R Nadal (ESP) – ATP
This match was pretty entertaining and tense as I was sitting with a group of college kids who clearly wanted Izzy to win. I was cheering for Nadal; cute, there was an old man who clearly wanted to relive his old days as he started to cheer like the college boys. Not so cute? His cheers were along country lines…u gotta cheer for the American & Nadal should go back home. Loser! Stayed through 2nd set but nosebleeds were not fun when I know I can be closer to other action.

[9] J Tsonga (FRA) vs [6] R Soderling (SWE) –
I sat down for the first set and realized Tsonga had apparently already left the building. Like Igor Andreev from last year all over again.

Not Before 7:30 PM

[22] J Melzer (AUT) vs [7] A Roddick (USA)
[4] A Murray (GBR) vs N Almagro (ESP) – ATP

STADIUM 2 start 11:00 am

G Garcia-Lopez (ESP) vs [21] J Monaco (ARG)
I started with this match and was on Pico to win the whole time. Not the best played match as GGL DFed a few times and let Pico take a match that he really should have won.

[20] I Ljubicic (CRO) vs [2] N Djokovic (SRB)
Stayed for first few games but kind of figured Djoko was gonna meet someone capable of taking the match from him. Left to go see Nadal vs Izzy! By the time I came back for a 3rd set, it was over.

[29] V Troicki (SRB) vs [19] T Berdych (CZE)
Berdy is playing like a demon and totally took it to Vic who did well just to win a game in the 1st set. But it was over pretty quickly. Next up Nadal, who you know I have such complex feelings about as a fan. Of course, I want Berdy to bring it and for Nadal to make him pay.

Not Before 4:00 PM
[27] M Baghdatis (CYP) vs [18] T Robredo (ESP)
This match promised to be good because neither players strikes me as having a major weapons to allow complete domination over the other. I stuck around for the first few games but Nadal/lopez was about to begin and I had to see Nadal up close again. I did keep track of this one by the cheers. Tommy bageled in the 2nd set? Apparently is was for personal reasons. Am irrational enough to have wanted Baggy gone as he had taken out Fed or as I like to think, Fed brain farted his match away. It was good to see an animated Tommy. Rare!

Not Before 7:30 PM
[18] J Zheng (CHN) vs [2] C Wozniacki (DEN)

STADIUM 3 start 11:00 am

[6] S Aspelin (SWE) / P Hanley (AUS) vs J Brunstrom (SWE) / J Rojer (AHO) – ATP

I Benesova (CZE) / B Zahlavova Strycova (CZE) vs [3] N Petrova (RUS) / S Stosur (AUS) – WTA

[6] B Mattek-Sands (USA) / Z Yan (CHN) vs [2] N Llagostera Vives (ESP) / M Martinez Sanchez (ESP) – WTA

Not Before 5:00 PM

M Llodra (FRA) / A Ram (ISR) vs [WC] M Lopez (ESP) / R Nadal (ESP) – ATP – Possible Court Change

Lovely match that I actually watched from start to finish. That Marc Lopez is a pretty handy doubles partner. I actually think he’d be good paired with anyone, he continued to be the strong part of this pair with well timed lobs and great volleys.

J Isner (USA) / S Querrey (USA) vs I Karlovic (CRO) / D Vemic (SRB) – ATP

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