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Today promises to be a grey day in Cincin and I’m trying not to take my cue from the weather, as I feel I’ve made such wonderful transitions this month. Yet, you know there’s always a bit of a let down after a challenging intense time and I can feeling it come on me. I would post more but someone has decided to stand directly behind me as I type this blog in the business center at my hotel. Will save the reflection for later. Hopefully another great day of tennis doesn’t get wiped out. I anticipate seeing:

  1. Federer
  2. Djokovic
  3. Nadal (if I spring for the evening tix)
  4. Simon

Not a bad list but it just reminds me that I should be seeing Del Potro instead of Benneteau, Verdasco instead of Garcia-Lopez, Guccione instead of Tsonga. But that’s why they play the game, the winner is never a given. Sun gods please beat down the rain gods today!
More soon…

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