Indian Wells 2009 – Lesson Learned

  • Find hotels that offer shuttles to the tournament. It may be a bit more expensive but it’s worth it not to think about parking and driving after sitting in the sun for hours. I stayed at the Embassy Suites and they offered a buffet breakfast, which really helped me stay on budget.
  • Wait until the draw is out before purchasing your tickets. I was so anxious to get my tickets that I blew my budget on matches with players that didn’t excite me. I ended up with Courtside tickets for sessions that I would have rather skipped. Consider paying for reserved seats in the outside stadium (Stadium 1) as great matches take place there.
  • Best days for maximum tennis watching: Sunday – Wednesday which is about 2nd round to semis. These days are also a bargain money-wise because grounds passes are usually enough to get some great tennis.
  • Invest in a good camera to capture all the action. My camera was piss poor at capture the players in motion.
  • Review old draws and recent performances to give yourself a better sense of good match-ups in the order of play for the day. It will save you hours of frustration wading through a match with little sizzle while you hear others cheer on an exciting match on a packed court.
  • Bring lots of snacks and frozen water to avoid paying for the expensive food at the tournament. If you have to do it, pay for dinner and drinks but definitely bring your lunch and lite snacks.

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