Live What You Love…what do I love?

I was browsing through B&N in New York when I ran across this lovely little title, Live What You Love: Notes from an Unusual Life. As I perused the introduction, these lines grabbed my attention: “Have you ever found yourself counting down the days to the weekend-and it was only Monday? You start searching for daily pleasures to reward yourself for just getting through another day: ice cream, shopping, or going out to dinner… Is it right that we spend so much time planning our next escape?”

They could have been describing my life, so I purchased the book and read it in one sitting. After finishing the book, I grabbed my journal and began to craft a list of dreams I’ve had but neglected to explore. As I looked over the list, a number of the items involved a desire to travel more. As my birthday is fast approaching I have decided to attempt an experiment: living out my dreams over the next 12 months. What would my life look like if I scrapped the wishful thinking and made some of my dreaming a reality?

What’s the harm in trying?

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