Don’t you like my restraint in the last post? I didn’t even mention my angst at being at the World Tour Finals and NOT having tickets to FEDAL! Before the match, I didn’t mind not having tickets. I was depressingly waiting for a drubbing (bad fan!). I was having drinks with Fedfans, Doots and Ahmed, and we could barely generate positive talk over our beers. Thank God for alcohol, eh? We were chatting with loads of other twitter buds but I’m sure like me their stomachs were in knots and they were preparing themselves for the ultimate buzz kill.

Boy were we wrong? Federer was in the ZONE. I was wishing I could have sold my soul to be inside that stadium. Next time, get tickets Gallivant!

Baby steps in the learning process… I did remember to get into the arena early forĀ Fed’s practice. He rarely practices on the courts outside.

I guess we’ll have to settle for gazing at these pictures of him at practice? That’s almost as good, right?!?

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