Mardy Fish and I Made It to the World Tour Finals

I’m pretty proud of myself. I was able to nail down a flight by September! Just a tad quicker than Fish guaranteed his slot at WTF. Alas, the means doesn’t matter; we both made it to London. Too bad Fish didn’t win any of his encounters, but sometimes being there is the win, right? Bless Fed for that bizarre walkabout in the 2nd set or his match with Fish would have been fairly routine. Good to see Fed’s serving woes went away fairly quickly in the 3rd. Strange how that works.

I guess the most surprising turn of events, given his year, was Nole losing both to Ferrer and Tipsarević. Thank God for Berdych or Nole might have done the unthinkable and lost all of his matches. We can always count on Berdy for good things.

This WTF was the year of the bidding boxes for each player. I’ve posted most of them below. Wonder how much money they made off those?

Here are some pics from the Ferrer vs Nole match


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