No longer a contender but a champion

I woke up this morning and read on a tweet from Peter Bodo that you could purchase a $5.00 grounds pass at the US Open and watch the men’s finals on one of their giant screens. I rushed over because I just wanted to be with other tennis fans. I went in and watched the first set on the large screen in front of Arthur Ashe. We were mid-way through the 2nd set, with Federer looking like he was going to close it out comfortably, when I caught a woman’s eye as she was leaving Ashe. She walked over to me and handed me two tickets, saying she didn’t plan on returning. I was sitting next to a young guy who frankly had been annoying me with his cheers every time Fed won a point (Yea, I love Fed too but this kid was too much!). But I turned to him and offered him one of my tickets. He was so grateful, turns out he is a Nigerian student visiting his brother for the summer.

We promptly went to our seats, which were nosebleeds, but I didn’t care. I dreamt Delpo won and I wanted to see it for myself. Though I had cause to worry several times during the match that Delpo might not pull it out, I was just happy that my boy kept his composure during the difficult points and took it to a fifth set. By then, I knew Roger had opened the door and Delpo was going to calmly walk right through it with his first Grand Slam win! Awesome!
This has been an amazing two weeks. I have been blessed numerous times through the generosity of strangers. There were times I doubted whether this journey made sense at all, but one thing is for sure: the world continues to support and nurture me on my adventure. I cannot wait to be on the road again, all the way to the ATP finals in London!

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