Not Even Shirtless Rafa Can Make This Better

I was so excited to get to Toronto. I was going to visit my good friend Karen and between the tennis. How did I know that the very day I arrived Federer would promptly lose to Tsonga, following Rafa, Delpo, and Murray out of the tournament before the 4th round. What’s a girl to do when all of the players she wants to watch lose in a tournament? Well, I bitched and moaned about on Facebook and someone promptly reminded me that they couldn’t keep up with all of my whining as they were stuck at work. Oops.

I wandered around Toronto while my friend was at work and kept running into this guy’s abs everywhere I went. But that didn’t really do much for me, so I bucked up and return to the tennis.

I caught some fun doubles. Sometimes, a pair is better than one. I even saw the Bryan Brothers win their 700th match vs Lopez/Verdasco.

Hey doubles is fun…

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