To be continued at the Open?

Though this blog follows me as I travel the tennis tour, you won’t find many match analyses. I leave that to the experts! However, I am intrigued to see how a few player narratives from the past six months will evolve at the last major of the year, the US OPEN!

Player narratives that have kept me hooked these past six months:

Peaked too soon, Verdasco?

Verdasco and Nadal’s 5+ hours semi-final match at the Australian Open ’09 gets the credit for helping to launch me out on the tour. I was enraptured and watched the whole darn thing. I wanted to know who the heck this guy was and how he was able to keep up with a player, who often dismissed him in straight sets. On the road, he was definitely the hottie that all the ladies lined up to see, but I have a feeling he wants to be more than the pretty boy, which I have to respect. I want to see if he can make as much waves as he did in Australia and possibly get rid of Murray in the fourth round ( I can’t help it) for us again.

Why do these French boys keep disappointing me?
Yup, I’m talking to you Monfils and

I’m putting these two guys together because they jointly entrance and exasperate me with their play. When they are on court, there is such excitement and energy from the fans, particularly young boys, that you want to see them step up to the plate and finally deliver on their promised greatness. Could this finally be the Slam where one of these boys goes all the way? I wouldn’t be mad at them!
Player I love to hate, ANDY MURRAY
Apparently he’s the best player that has yet to win a Grand Slam. Sadly, I don’t think he’s going anywhere, so I’m going to follow my mama’s advice and say very little, since I can’t say anything nice. I believe he will make it to the final and most likely meet Federer. I’m hoping for a real beating, so that he can slunk away, develop some modesty and humility to help him me cheer him on in the year end final in London.
I find myself seeking ya’ll out too: David Ferrer, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Feliciano Lopez, Igor Andreev, and Gilles Simon. I don’t know if any these guys are liable to make a play for the US Open, but if they do most likely I’ll be there, since I find myself checking out their matches wherever I go. I suspect Gonzo and Ferrero (given his play of late) may be the only ones able to even threaten the big names, but I am ready for any of these guys to try and shake things up for themselves and for me!

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