Pssst! I’ve got a confession

I have gotten over one of  my side court hotties:  I simply have no interest in Fernando Verdasco anymore. I am actually sad about it since I saw him a lot on the road last year and thought my affections were on solid ground. I just find it depressing to cheer for a guy who seems incapable of delivering when it really matters.  Plus,  he’s made some boneheaded and shortsighted choices over the past few months that hampered his chances in RG & Wimbly. Seriously, how the hell did he manage to lose in the first round of Wimbly to Fognini? I don’t care that Fog beat Monfils at RG, Verdasco should have gotten through that match.  I guess he’ll drop by some fab party to soothe his ego and get himself ready to seize Spanish glory in the Davis Cup, happily playing second fiddle to Nadal. Well, I like my boys ready to step up and demand you take them seriously. Unfortunately,  I don’t think Verdasco has the mentality to make anyone fear him and that’s just too damn bad!

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