SAP Open is Too Close for Me to Ignore

The SAP Open tournament is in San Jose; Verdasco (returning ’10 champ) and Delpo were slated to show and I have a friend that lives in the city. Those were some pretty compelling reasons to use my Virgin America Elevate points and take the hour long flight to San Francisco from LA. Thankfully, Caltrain was easy to negotiate. Within an hour of my arrival, I was comfortably at my friends house.

The tournament is very low key during the week. I was able to get great seats by the entrance/exit, so I managed to get some close-up shots of the players. SAP Open clearly has a strong history, but it feels like it’s lost its place in the tennis landscape. ¬†Nonetheless, I’ve been cheered because I saw a returning Delpo, who looked fab in red/orange, if a touch dodgy on the tennis playing, Monfils, Verdasco, and potential new favorite, Raonic.


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