Sleepless in OZ

Like any dating site and old Shakespeare knew “all that glitters is not gold.” I started out my week with a handy list of lovely leading men ready to take charge and grab the big prize in Oz. We are now down to 5 (Cilic, Tsonga, Djokovic, Federer, and Murray), 4 at the end of this posting and 2 were barely on my radar! Isn’t that just like love? I miss a good thing staring me in the face and good ole faithful reminds me why he has been there all along. It has not been easy going of late, I’m surviving on 4 hours of sleep after that monster Nadal vs. Murray match early this morning.

Agallivant 2nd Look at the ATP
(No whoring folks; it’s rings, bells, and babies!)

Still in the Game

Jo Willy Tsonga– I don’t mean to brag but I told you so! He’s about to have the fight of his life tonight with the man that took him out of Oz two years ago, Djokovic. Let’s hope my boy can learn from the past and redeem himself. I am hoping he shows some fight, a deft touch, and a little grace under fire. The anticipation is killing me!

Novak Djokovic – I wish I got your appeal. You are so beloved by folks in your country but sadly you leave me cold.

Out of the Running

Andy Roddick – though his losses usually get me all choked up, this time around,  I felt like it was his time to go and take a bloody rest! Dude stop trying to get my sympathy, I’m over it! Wimbledon was months ago!

Juan Martin Del Potro, aka “Delpo” – I see this is going to be a rocky relationship. I get it, you need to pull back and regroup. You felt like we rushed things and now you want to slow it down, give yourself time to catch up to these amazing past few months. That’s fine, but there are lots of boys waiting in the wings and Marin Cilic just showed you that he might be ready to be the next big thing! I expect to see you back in good form at the French Open or we are going to have the dreaded “talk.”

Fernando Verdasco, aka “Nando”– just as I feared, you got ahead of yourself. I’m so angry right now; I just can’t really talk about it. You need to go away, think about why you self-destructed and how you will avoid doing it in the future. My friends are beginning to talk, telling me that you are no good, but I’m turning a deaf ear; you better not prove me wrong.

Rafael Nadal – out with an injury. You sure know how to push the right buttons. This whole thing will endear you to me for months to come, if only because you have allowed Fed to shine again. Go get strong, so that I can cheer against you, knowing you can handle it!

Final Four (one to be decided)

Roger Federer – I thought I didn’t care until he proved to me why he’s been at the top of the game for so long. Let’s be frank, we always take the one who delivers every time for granted. We start to focus on his minor failures, his lapses in concentration, and his inability to attend our every need. But then the big occasions roll around and he’s reborn; he becomes the One you fell in love with all over again. He not only takes your breath away, he reminds you why you thought love was a grand thing in the first place. Good old faithful has made it to his 23rd semis since 2004! Nobody does it better than Federer.

Andy Murray – I dare not speak his name, because it gets me in a tizzy and not in a good way. This better not turn out to be love, because I just can’t stand this dude!

Marin Cilic – Delpo had to get through you to make the world see how amazing he was last September, a turnaround is fair play. Maybe you will get to duke it out with Fed in the finals and let everyone see that you are not a boy but a man. Your fans make me a little nervous, but I dig your quiet vibe. I hear that you are one heady player and you know I dig brains over brawn. But I’m going to wait and see. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much!
Now let’s see what the final few days has to offer.

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