Spooky hotels…

This was the sight that greeted me when I checked into my hotel in Cincinnati. I happily sacrificed beauty for proximity and I’m hoping I’ll be able to sleep comfortably, because this place kinda freaks me out.

Initial impression of the actual tournament is very positive, we’ll see how that bears out in the next few days. It’s the small details that make these tournaments a winner for me.

Top five favorite perks thus far:

  1. Able to purchase a souvenir cup of ice for 25 cents
  2. Publicized listing of practice schedule, so you can ogle your favorite players
  3. Ability to sit close to the action on Grandstand with Center Court tickets
  4. Easy access to players as they enter and exit courts and tournament grounds (spotted Nadal, Davydenko, & Verdasco 10 minutes into my entrance on the grounds)
  5. Cheap seats in Centre court are like mid-level seats elsewhere.


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