Stan the Man

Much has changed in Stan’s life of late. He married his girlfriend, Ilham Vuilloud late last year and welcomed a new daughter in February. The one thing that has not changed is his hottie coach, Dimitri Zavialoff, whom Stan has been with since he was 8 years old. I  respect a guy who sticks with a coach for that long, foregoing the new flavor of the month, expecting some new found guru rather he to take his game to the next level.

The ATP Tour Uncovered features usually fall below my radar, either because they focus on someone I could care less about or tread familiar ground. But this recent one caused me to take notice ’cause it’s all about the Swiss #2, one of my tour faves. I don’t know if it was being confronted with his preggy girlfriend last year or his distracted playing, but Stan temporarily went on my shit list. I’m happy to say that now that he’s settled down and reconnecting with his tennis again, my affection is returning and he’s back to one of the players I want to see on tour.

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