Sun is shining, weather is sweet, time for tennis!

I made it to qualifying nice and early! So much so that I caught Feli and Nadal practicing on Armstrong.

I then wandered over to Grandstand to catch Gonzalez practicing with another Gonzalez. Wonder who he is? Then Lu came in to practice with Ferrer. Alas, no skins today but still a happy sighting. I also caught a bit of Nole’s practice or bending.

I am watching Simon Stadler (GER) vs Benoit Paire (FRA), waiting for Ilhan (TUR) vs Tomic (AUS). Paire is the better player but he practically gave it away by being impatient and almost losing focus at the end of the 1st set, which he won 6-3. After every mistake, he slams his racket, WTF? Stadler seemed comfortable just getting the ball back but very short. In the 2nd set, Stadler looks like he has decided to make it competitive. They are 2 all as I write this and Ilhan and Tomic are about to warm up!


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