Tennis in Alabama?

After pondering it for awhile, I bought a ticket to Birmingham, AL to see Davis Cup tennis action.

Rewind: I read a headline that Roger Federer was going to represent his country in the USA vs Switzerland Davis Cup tie. I kept track of the story and when they finally announced that Birmingham, AL would host the Davis Cup, I immediately went online and registered to buy tickets.

For the last few years, Roger Federer has been the number one tennis player until he was dethroned last summer by Rafa Nadal. Even though I’ve been mostly a casual tennis watcher, I wasn’t immune to the beauty of Federer’s forehand and his effortless grace on the tennis court. I would love to see him live and now that I’m focused on doing what I love: here’s a first go!

So, I bought a ticket on Hotwire for a ridiculously cheap price to Birmingham, AL and I’m just giddy with excitement about my new adventure.

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