The freakness is over

Mercifully the Izner vs Mahut match is over. Frankly it was starting to annoy me as it was the only match getting any coverage. Another sign that sometimes you don’t have to be great, just unusual to capture the world’s attention. Both proved to be poor returners, which is why the thing lasted so long. Although full props to both for holding steady on their serve, especially Mahut who always served from behind. My heart goes out to him.

Oh yeah, John won but can we really distinguish between these two? It’s cliche, but they both deserve to share the spotlight in this one.

Still, there goes my wish that Izzy would take care of Nadal. I might have to leave that for Soddy. Didn’t I tell ya he is going to be a spoiler? First for Feddy, let’s see if his streak continues.

Now back to being grateful that my man Fed is still in the tourney. Come on Fed, if there is one thing this freakness has shown us is the oft repeated phrase, “one point at a time” is still apt. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


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