Trusting your legs

I just watched the marathon semi-final match between Verdasco and Nadal. What a discovery! I didn’t know Verdasco had it in him to go the distance with Nadal.

The one improvement all the commentators would give Verdasco was his fitness. Apparently, he spent the entire month of December working with fitness guru Gil Reyes in Vegas, so now Verdasco can trust that his legs won’t betray him. I wonder what my life would be like if I could trust my own legs; you know trust my ability to endure whatever life threw at me?

Top 6 things tennis commies have taught me this week:

  1. Even if you have never beaten the player across the net, the moment you believe it’s possible, you will be a spoiler and eliminate the player (Andy Murray) slated to win it all. Thank you Verdasco.
  2. It is possible to come from two sets down as long as you maintain a positive attitude and constantly try to seize control.
  3. On any given day, an unknown player can win over a heavy favorite…bye Venus!
  4. It is never okay to retire from a match due to cramps or just plain heat exhaustion. But feel free to do so if you experience dizziness, nausea, or sprain a leg or wrist.
  5. According to the announcers, it is impossible to find a male French player without flair on the court.
  6. Sometimes in order to take control of your tennis (& your life), you may have to kick unruly parents to the curb!

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