USO Qualies Day 2: When the rain went away

I got a chance to catch a little qualies action starting at 4pm; it was suppose to start at 11am. I spent the most time watching Bolelli of Italy vs. Haider-Mau of Austria. I recognize Bolelli from the clay court season and just assumed he would be better, amateur mistake of course! He proved me right in the first set winning comfortably 6-3.

However, Haider-Mau was just getting comfortable and started to show a lot more variety in the 2nd set. He held serve and was not content to stay at the baseline, often coming in whenever he got a short ball from Bolelli. He started impressing me with his hustle, running down seemingly out shots, and really putting Bolelli on the defensive. He took the 2nd, 6-2 and won the 3rd, 6-2.

In the distance I could hear that Jesse Witten had been pushed to a tiebreak by his Argentine opponent, but he won in straight sets in the end, 6-3, 7-6 (9). Impression: Jesse looks like a football player! He hit the hell out of those balls which drew gasps from the crowd. As he showed no finesse with his meat and potatoes style of play, I wasn’t too impressed.

I am watching Jarmere Jenkins (USA) vs. Josselin Quanna (FRA) but it which is paused at 1-2, 30 all, with Jarmere serving as it has begun to rain. It is a drizzling affair, so we are stopping, ball boys/girls drying the court lines, and restarting again.



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