Wimbly Begins

As Wimbly begins and it’s a full 8 hours ahead that means early morning watching, twitter updates at work, and angst about Federer. It’s a lovely time to make grand claims about Feddy’s chance to capture the crown for the 7th time.

Here goes the fatal predictions:

Round of 16
Fed vs Melzer
Berdy vs Hanescu

Joko vs Hewitt
Cilic vs Roddick
Verdasco vs Tsonga
Querrey vs Murray
Soddy vs Baggy
Izzy vs Nadal

Fed vs Berdy
Hewitt vs Cilic
Tsonga vs Querrey
Soddy vs Izzy (yeah, I’m saying Izzy takes out Nadal!)


Fed vs Cilic
Querrey vs Soddy

Fed vs Soddy

Winner is FEDDY!

On my planet that’s the way I’d like to see it go down but I’m prepared for all manner of upsets and strange occurrences. I don’t particularly care how the drama unfolds but I sure would like the same ending.

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