FO ’10 – Boldly going where no other predictor has gone!

I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t want to see a FEDAL final. Of course I want to tune in and see Feddy stubbornly try to rush points and fail to take the advice of his betters on how to successfully beat Nadal on clay.

All the pundits have called it. They say that Nadal is going to win his 5th French Open title and possibly recapture his number one ranking (if Feddy doesn’t make it to the semis). Well, it’s time for bold proclamations, if not bold actions on my part. I’m here to tell ya that it’s not going to happen. I see Federer defending his French Open title and taking down the man of clay. Is a screw loose? Have I drunk the Feddy cool aid?  Nah, just like I thought Delpo was going to win the USO before he became the dark horse, l believe Federer has solved the Nadal puzzle. Oddly enough I thought he started to see the light in Madrid and he didn’t even win a set!

Unlike the prognosticators who simply bet on Nadal because it’s the safest option, I’m feeling optimistic about Feddy’s chances and I aim to see him go for that calendar slam. So bring it! We’ll see who is left standing on final’s day. LOL! Let’s take down Sampras’s weeks at number 1 & the King of Clay in one shot.

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