Roland Garros 2009 – Lessons Learned

  • Definitely aim to get one day in one of the main show courts. I essentially ended up with grounds passes because the trip was spontaneous. If I had more time to plan, I’d ensure that I set aside some money to have a secured seat on a show court. So, many of the really compelling matches were happening on show courts from the oohs and aahs I could hear while standing outside.
  • If you can afford it, save and come to the 2nd week of the tournament where the level of players replicates that of a Masters series. This time around the outside courts were simply too crowded to enjoy the few good match-ups that typically defines week 1.
  • I noticed the Adagio Apartment off Charles Michel’s stop; it’s apartment style accommodation for a group would seriously help the budget and they have shuttles to the tournament!
  • This slam is very crowded, so be prepared to wait in lines for any compelling matches scheduled on the side courts. If you are feeling adventurous, venture into an empty court for some lesser known player and you might get a competitive match (I did with Caroline Wozniaki vs Jilly Crybass.

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