Halle- A Mom and Pop Grass Tournament to Love

After taking stock in Berlin, I decided I might as well venture out to the Halle tournament. They promised me Federer but he withdrew! I forgive him since he finally bagged the French Open.

Still, I couldn’t be this close to a grass tournament and not venture out to it. After a bit of researching online, I was able to secure a round trip train ticket and hotel accommodations for 3 nights for less than $500!

What an absolutely lovely tournament! The food is good and cheap. Beer for 4 Euros and a sandwich for 3 Euros. I can easily see myself drinking a bit too much. The grounds are very pretty and it has a nice local, homegrown feel to it. ┬áThe big sellers were the Kids Day, Ladies Day, and German Players Day. Yowza, this feels really different than the Masters events I’ve attended. Hmm, I wonder how this will compare to a local in the US. Wonder if our 250 tourney’s feel this localized?


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