Notes from Miami …

It’s 5:56 AM and am on the Tri_Rail to Fort Lauderdale to catch my flight back to LA. I’m pinching myself that I made Miami happen. I’ve just spent 3 full days in Key Biscayne watching tennis and I now am contemplating the European clay court season.

Bugger, my flight has been delayed by 2 hours which means I’ll miss my connection to LAX. I’m on standby for 2:20 PM but confirmed on the 5:50 PM flight. I can’t even be bothered to be too upset because shit happens and there’s no point getting pissed off when I can’t control any of the outcome. May as well use the time to update my notes on the past few days. I jotted down some thoughts/notes from the last few days:

3/30/09 – Line up for today:

  • Venus vs Radwanksa
  • Nadal vs Gil
  • Ferrer vs Cilic
  • Andreev vs Wawrinka (best match)
  • Verdasco vs Lopez

Best thing of note today is that the tickets are a much better value than Indian Wells. The seats at the upper level doesn’t feel like nosebleeds like those at Indian Wells.

3/31/09 – Line up for the day:

  • Tsonga vs Simon
  • Murray vs Troicki
  • Verdasco vs Stepanek
  • Nadal vs Wawrinka (best match of the day)

At one point in the Nadal-Wawrinka match, I realized I LOVED watching tennis. I dug everything about the moment: the night air was temperate; the spectators around me were united in our love of sport and the effort being expended by the players. It struck me as terribly noble in a certain way (maybe I was sun-drunk?) I particularly liked seeing Stan stay committed and engaged throughout the match. Even though a win against Nadal seemed like an uphill battle, it was fantastic to cheer on Stan, win or lose.

4/1/09 – Line up for the day:

  • Serena vs Li Na – sloppy + inconsistent Serena
  • Tsonga vs Djokovic- way to back down Tsonga
  • Federer vs Roddick – incredible luck by Fed

Last night was so much better than today. What the hell is happening in this Djokovic vs Tsonga match? These two look like they are out for a stroll. Tsonga’s body language is atrocious: hangdog, lazy, and almost clumsy at times. Where’s Stan when you need him?


I’ve been renewed by this trip because of its outcomes: used my friendship network to connect with Kim who was a great host in Miami; used accessible public transport; and made a new friend of tennis. Wonder if I should do Houston?

Am able to get on the 2:20!


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