Temporarily Grounded: A Tennis Podcast with Cari Champion

I am temporarily grounded until summer 2015, when I hope to get back on the road to see live tennis. In the interim, I’ve been a guest on RealzTenisFanz Podcast.

We take an off-the-cuff approach to tennis chatter. Sure we could talk tennis tactics exclusively, but we also like to break it up with a bit of gossip, shade and laughter. Watching and talking tennis is fun and we aim to remind folks that there is more to this delightful pastime and sport than simply what happens between the lines!

Our last post was our most popular to date as we welcomed a favorite Tennis Channel sportscaster alum, Cari Champion to our tennis podcast. She can now be seen on ESPN and heard on her very own podcast, Be Honest. We spoke to Cari Champion about her experiences at the Tennis Channel as well her favorite ATP lookers; reviewed Andy Murray’s win over Rafa Nadal in Madrid; Petra Kvitova’s annihilation of the field post-vacation break and what any of this could mean for Roland Garros.

22:15 – Cari’s Hot Menz of the ATP picks
26:25 – Divadal’s struggles continue
36:45 – Realz Take on Divadal losing the French
41:05 – What else had happened in Madrid?
46:10 – Nick Kyrgios and Next Generation Next
54:50 – WTA Madrid: Kvitova wins
57:15 – Serena, Vickie and Sascha
1:03:00 – Madrid, que pasa?
1:10:30 – Kuzi-Rex coming out of extinction
1:14:50 – Caroline and Ana Coaching Clauses
1:25:15 – Unleash the beast and the WTA Next Generation
1:38:35 – Wrapping up

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