Where there is a will, there’s a way…

Remember the girl from Korea that I met in Halle, Germany? We had both gone to see Federer but he withdrew after winning the French. So, we were exchanging emails back and forth and I said: “Fed will definitely be in Shanghai. Let’s do it together!”  She said sure.

Flight to Shanghai—-booked! Cost: $0.00 just the inconvenience of giving up my seat for a travel voucher a month ago! When I was on my way from the Cincy tournament, Delta asked if anyone would be willing to give up their seat to NYC for an overnight stay and a $550 voucher. As I only had a carry-on, I said yes BEFORE reading the fine print. They booked me into a flight the next day via Washington, DC. At the time it turned into a bit of a hassle but today that voucher was able able to secure my flight to Shanghai!

Place to stay— my Halle buddy (Jae) and I sharing a room at a youth hostel! (The Shanghai Koala Garden House)

Fun to be had—definitely!

Next to do? — Get my Visa!


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